Working two full-time jobs can really put a strain on living. While I have –  some might say – the advantage of not having children to add to the strain,  working a 40 hour-a-week career while also taking care of the lion’s share of  running a home results in working two jobs:  This can really pull at the  seams of time, homemaking and LIFE!

Working in the social media industry, I feel strongly about the  importance  of sharing good information. There are tips and tricks I have  picked up from  various corners of the interweb, and many I’ve come up  with on my own:  why keep it to myself?!

I hope to update as often as possible with tips on:

    • Money: saving it, budgeting it, couponing (in Canada), finding the deals, and making it stretch
    • Time: working in workouts, getting the jobs done, keeping date nights sacred, and finding “me” time
    • Homemaking: getting it clean, keeping it somewhat organized, spreading it out (but not too thin!), and sharing the work

PLEASE feel free to submit your own tips and tricks: the value of a blog is almost entirely in the sharing that can occur! I want a chance to learn from you, and so do others!

Disclaimer: Just because I have tips, tricks and schemes does NOT mean that I am able to implement them as I ought to…part of my motivation to create this blog is to help drive home these ideas so I can do a little less treading of water!

  Next up: Extreme Couponing, or Extreme Disappointment? Couponing in .ca…