While I’m not one to subscribe to the intense over-organizing that I have seen people fall prey to, I do know that in my life it helps to have a place for things. That said, getting organized means so much more than having stacked bins, tidy closets and a label-maker! For help with organizing your house, check out this great resource. Here are some tips I use to organization as a general aid in LIFE!

  • Multi-task: Similar to yesterday’s post, by combining activities/tasks you can cut down on the amount of time required for both and even run the “risk” of having fun while at it! Exercise while listening to an audio book or watching TV, or sew the hem of your pants while watching your child have their bath.
  • Kitchen Scissors: One of my new favorite kitchen tools is a pair of scissors: I can cut meat or vegetables in a fraction of the time as compared to using a knife.
  • Scheduling Tech Time: One of the greatest drains on time both at home and the office is the obsessive checking of email and social media networks. While both have an important place in my day, the lack of focused time affects the successful completion of other projects/activities. Setting a timer for tasks or scheduling in time to check email/Twitter allows me to be uninterrupted otherwise!
  • Bedtime Prep: Preparing lunches and laying out/ironing clothes the night before can save precious time in the morning. If you’re like me, dragging yourself out of bed can be a chore at times…this can help to prevent running late due to smacking the snooze.
  • Tidying En Masse: Before you begin to tidy/clean, grab a bag or clothes basket and go around your home collecting items that are not where they belong. As you make your second tour (when you’re ready to clean), simply deposit items to their proper location. This spares needless wandering back and forth.
Here are some more (and similar) tips for getting organized.
What are some of YOUR tips for getting organized?

…saying “no”

Perhaps I’m lacking in boundaries…or maybe I’m just a people pleaser…but I have had a hard time saying “no” to requests made of me. Babysit for my niece? “Sure!” Drive you to your appointment? “No problem!” Host an event in my home? “I’ll even provide dinner…you can just show up!” Sound familiar? One of the greatest  enemies of the already busy schedule is the inability to draw a line and stand up for ourselves when we’re asked to do more than we are truly able to. I don’t leave it there, however…I take it a step further and throw in a meal!

Outside of the financial and time strain, not saying “no” when we really ought to means that we’re being dishonest: with ourselves and the person that is asking of us! What’s the solution?

Just say “No!”

You don’t have to be a jerk about it…there are many ways to say “no” in a non-offensive way. Ultimately it is YOU (and potentially your family/friends) that suffer when you don’t draw that important line. It does get easier, and is more than worth it!

Do you struggle with saying no?