I thought it would be appropriate to write about fitness considering it is what has been keeping me from writing this past week or more!

While I have entered an intensive program in order to beat this plateau I have been on for a year and a half, fitness does NOT have to take over your life, rob you of your very precious “me” time, require a gym membership OR be difficult! A healthy, active lifestyle includes eating what your body needs for fuel and moving!

“Exercise is cumulative…Ten-minute sessions throughout the day really add up. The key to developing a strong, fit body is to be consistent. It’s not an all-or-nothing approach. Get your body moving whenever you can – at the park, at the game, or at home, waiting for the pasta to boil.”CBS

Today I’d love to share some tips on how to get moving in easy ways all through your day: ready? Let’s go! (Note: Many of the tips below are borrowed from “Squeezing in Exercise” found at sparkpeople.com. If you have never explore Sparkpeople.com, check it out! It’s an incredible wealth of knowledge in all things health/wellness!)

…at home…

  • While doing laundry, do squats (keeping your knees from going past your toes) to pick up each article of clothing from the basket on the floor.
  • Clean or get ready to music and dance! Who said housework has to be a bore! Grab a basket or bag and go around the house grabbing things that have been misplaced, all the while dancing/moving. Drying your hair? Why not let your legs get some movement in while your arms are busy?
  • Exercise while washing dishes or brushing your teeth! Doing calf-raises while washing dishes can be a great way to sneak in exercise. Try varying the tempo and length to keep it interesting! Another great option is squats or lunges: just be careful not to fall with the toothbrush in your mouth.
  • Check out this great link: 10 Ways You CAN Exercise At Home Without Any Equipment.
  • Housecleaning counts! Did you know that a 150lb person can burn 63 calories in just 15 minutes of housecleaning!? Curious about how many calories various activities burn? Check out this calculator!

…at work…

  • Throw on the shoes and go for a walk, run or jog on your break. This doesn’t have to be a sweat-drenched marathon…just getting moving can wake up your brain and perk up your mood! Even better if you walk 20 minutes 2 or 3 times a work day, that’s an extra 10-15lbs lost in a year! Here’s a great resource on the benefits of Lunchtime Workouts.
  • Stop and stretch. Whether you work sitting down or running around, taking moments through the day to stretch can really improve your energy and give you the chance to refocus. Click here for some great stretches geared toward the office.
  • Get up and move at least twice every hour. This can be going to the water cooler/coffee machine or a short walk around the building/block. It’s important for those of us who are seated throughout the day to take frequent breaks
  • Here’s a great resource: Exercise at Work.

…while out and about…

  • You’ve probably heard this one but it’s valid! Park as far away from the store/office as possible. This gives you the chance to burn calories AND you won’t have to drive around looking for a spot.
  • Walk, bike or rollerblade to the store or to run errands.

…at play…

  • While watching TV, don’t TiVo out the commercials! Jump up and do some quick exercises during commercials: like push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks and arm circles. One hour-long show give 8 2-minute commercial breaks on average – that’s 16 minutes of activity in the midst of a couch-potato session!
  • Have kids in sports activities, or enjoy attending them yourself? Walk around sports facilities or take a class before, during or after a sports event/activity.
  • Make playtime active. Set a good example and make physical activity fun. Walk to the library for kids’ hour, bike or walk to the park/pool, play outdoors!


  • Take the stairs. Again, seems obvious…but every little bit helps! Forget something down/upstairs? Go BACK!
  • Try some isometric exercises in the car, at work, waiting in line such as squeezing your glutes (thighs), doing calf raises, and tightening your core.

Here are some great tips from webmd.com on ways to make exercise a habit:

  1. Do a variety of activities you enjoy
  2. Commit to another person
  3. Make exercise a priority
  4. Exercise first thing in the morning
  5. Or, exercise on your way home from work
  6. Exercise even when you’re “too tired”
  7. Log your activity
  8. Be aware of all the indicators of progress
  9. Walk – with a pedometer (or a dog)
  10. Reward yourself

Check out the link for great tips!

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Now take a moment and stretch, try some isometrics or turn the computer off and get moving! 🙂